Revised 12/31/2019

People and pets who have benefited from Broken Tails.

Not all Broken Tails clients are listed here. Some clients do not have enough money to pay for their veterinary bill at the time of the emergency. They need a grant. Subsequently, they are able to raise enough money to pay their veterinary bill in full. These kind and honest folks tell Broken Tails that they do not need the grant and want to pay it forward. Sometimes there are kind people at the veterinarian office that hear the story and generously donate money directly to the vet to help clients. We humbly thank them.

Gracie’s Story – November 2019

Gracie was brought to the veterinarian with severe bloody diarrhea and vomiting resulting in dehydration. Her family desperately wanted to help their beloved Gracie but lack of income due to surgery from a work-related injury, they did not have much money to contribute towards Gracie’s treatment.

Brownie’s Story – October 2019

Brownie, a 17 week old puppy, was brought to the veterinarian with severe hook worms as well as hemorrhagic diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and fever. He was gravely ill and despite best efforts, did not survive. He will be missed 🙁

Fiona’s Story – October 2019

Fiona is a 16 year old tabby cat who lives with her human companion in an assisted living home. They are on a fixed income.   Fiona’s tail needed a partial amputation due to a non-healing mass likely cancer.  Fiona also suffered from severe dental disease. Prognosis was excellent with treatment.  Broken Tails provided a grant.

Kitty’s Story – June 2019

Kitty was a stray in the neighborhood for a number of years. She eventually found a loving caregiver and a couple of canine friends.  After a few years, her caregiver noticed that she was not eating. Her veterinarian diagnosed an abscess tooth. Antibiotics were provided. Time passed.  Kitty still was not eating much, having trouble urinating and her side was protruding. She was taken back to the veterinarian.The Broken Tails grant allowed the caregiver and the veterinarian to determine the severity of Kitty’s issues and make an informed decision. She had a hernia, blocked large intestine, bladder stones and needed extensive surgery. The decision was made to euthanize Kitty due to her ongoing health issues and combined with her age. We are grateful that her caregiver gave this homeless senior citizen a good quality of life for as long as possible. She was loved and will be missed.

Avery’s Story – March 2019

Avery had a critical life threatening urinary blockage. He had difficulty defecating, not able to urinate, not drinking any water, able to eat but would throw it up later and howled when trying to urinate. He was hospitalized for 3 days on iv fluids and urinary catheter…prognosis looks good.

Charlie’s Story – January 2019

Charlie had a critical life threatening urinary blockage. His devoted guardian wanted help saving his furry friend. Charlie was flushed out and his prognosis looks good.

Adika’s Story – October 2018

Adika had a large mass on her leg as well as small masses popping up.  Needle aspirations were done to determine next steps. Broken Tails was able to provide a grant to cover the diagnostics.

Pepper’s Story – March 2018

Pepper was suffering from elevated white blood cell count, elevated kidney values and low platelet count. Despite IV fluids, antibiotics and bloodwork monitoring, Pepper did not survive.

A retired military family was grateful that with Broken Tails help they were able to do everything they could to help Pepper. They said, “…at a low point…I have never had to ask for help in my life…Thank you so very much…”

Cosmo’s Story – February 2018

Cosmo was vomiting from a urinary blockage.  He was clearly in pain and needed to be hospitalized.  He was unable to eliminate waste from his body.  His family did the right thing bringing him to a veterinarian.  However, they were not in a good financial position and needed help. Broken Tails was able to provide grant.

Dixie’s Story – January 2018

Dixie was hit by a car which broke her jaw and gave her a head injury.  She was unable to eat and in a lot of pain.
She needed immediate care. With 4 kids, 3 cats and 3 dogs, money was tight for her family. Poor Dixie…  Broken Tails provided a grant.

Cian’s Story – March 2017

A handsome white cat named Cian had a urinary blockage that would have made any of us miserable. Aggressive treatment was needed immediately and now Cian is purring and playing with his friends – Latte and Colonel.

Ellie Mae’s Story – March 2017

A four year old dachshund was bitten by Rottweiler which required surgery and a drain.  Her caregiver is in the process of moving her mobile home.   She is older, single, limited income and has many added expenses because of the move.  Without surgery, Ellie Mae would likely not have survived.

November AKA Nove’s Story – February 2017

November has a blood disease which required weekly blood tests, numerous medications and special food.  November lives with a devoted caregiver, 2 other dogs and 3 cats.  Her caregiver had spent over six thousand dollars diagnosing and treating her. However, November still required several more months of treatment or she would die.  Her caregiver had no more money and was out of options.  Somehow she found Port Royal Veterinary Hospital and Broken Tails. November’s prognosis is good and she continues to improve.  Her caregiver said,”God bless you for all you do to help people like me take care of our babies. Thank you again for your help in taking care of my girl!”

Blossom’s Story – January 2017

Blossom’s caregiver has several medical problems that make it difficult or impossible for her to work.  She sees Blossom as her therapy animal. Blossom just happens to be a Fancy Rat. She calms her and in return she calms Blossom.  When she discovered a tumor on Blossom, she turned to Broken Tails and Port Royal Veterinary Hospital for help. The surgery went well. Love is love, and Blossom is doing just fine.  The family thanked Broken Tails from the bottom of their hearts for our help.

Sammie’s Story – October 2016

2016 sammie curtis

Sammie, a 7 year old cat, wasn’t eating or drinking for at least 5 days when a single mom brought her to Port Royal Veterinary Hospital.  She knew something was seriously wrong. Sammie was up to date on vaccines, but this was a life threatening emergency health crisis.  Because of Hurricane Mathew, the restaurant where she worked was closed. She was out of work for over a week. With limited funds, she still desperately wanted to help Sammie.  The diagnostic tests and treatment were VERY expensive.   Sammie had pancreatitis with hepatitis and jaundice. A lot of meds and many days at the hospital Sammie is finally home and doing well.

Daisy Mae’s Story – September 2016

daisy maeLittle bitty Daisy Mae was attacked by another dog and in need of immediate care. Money was very tight for a single mom with 4 children but they knew they had to save her.  After all, Daisy Mae was Mom’s best friend. She turned to her church for prayer and the congregation did what they could to help. The pastor knew Daisy Mae because she attended church with Mom.  The injuries were serious and required surgery, antibiotics and follow up care. Broken Tails was happy to help.  The other good news — Daisy Mae is back home and attending services again.

Taffy’s Story – September 2016

A little Havanese mix is certainly adorable. Her person lives on a small Social Security check and when Taffy got sick, she could not afford to take her to the veterinarian. She had unexpected expenses with her car and was sure she could even afford gas to Taffy to the vet. Riverwalk agreed to see Taffy with a Broken Tails grant for diagnosis. Pancreatitis is painful and life-threatening. With early detection, medicine and a change in diet, Taffy seems to be on the mend. Her human says “I’m sure Taffy would have died without Broken Tails’ help.” And thank you, Riverwalk, for working with us.

Gizmo’s Story – July 2016

gizmo Allen BT 2016Gizmo allen quarter BT 2016Poor little Gizmo thought a shiny quarter would be a taste treat. Neither he nor the quarter seemed to enjoy the journey, so it had to come out the hard way.

Eli Hart

Eli’s Story – June 2016

Eli is looking pretty chipper.  Thanks to the quick action of his family and good medical treatment from Port Royal Veterinary Hospital. Eli had an encounter with a copperhead snake.  Dog noses and dog paws are especially vulnerable when snakes are disguised as interesting things to explore.

Rocky’s Story – May 2016

We’ll spare you the “before” photo because Rocky’s Rocky ptumor was not pleasant to look at and we’re sure it was uncomfortable. Rocky’s human was relentless in pursuing a way to provide him the needed surgery. After consultation with the great folks at Riverwalk Animal Hospital, Broken Tails decided we had to help. Despite a difficult prognosis, we’re pleased to say that Rocky is doing well in his recovery.

Cuddle’s Story – April 2016

Poor little Cuddles had a blockage in her urinary tract and IMG_2530desperately needed surgery. Her mom had to quit her job to care for her father and their only income was his Social Security check. She paid what she could for Cuddle’s surgery. Broken Tails to the rescue for the rest. Cuddles is recovering nicely.

Roxy’s Story – March 2016

Gastroenteritis can be minor or major. In 9 year old Roxy’s case, it was life threatening. Although her family managed to put together a good part of the funds needed to help her, Roxy’s medical costs neared their montThe Guilty Dog!hly income. Broken Tails stepped in to help with the rest. She is home and doing much better. “Thank you so much from the entire family – my wife, daughter, myself….and, of course, ROXY!!!!”

Lucinda’s Story – February 2016

Lucinda, a beautiful 6 year old feline, came in with a urinary obstruction.  At the same time, Lucinda’s primary caretaker – a 19 year old young man, was planning his Mom’s funeral. Sadly, Lucinda’s situation was too advanced. We know the family did their very best for Lucinda, as did the team at Port Royal Veterinary Hospital.  While we cannot help to heal hearts, Broken Tails provided a grant for the remainder of the bill.  We hope that brings some peace and wish the family happier days in the future.

Katsu’s Story – 2015

Katsu was in bad shape.  He was taken to Petsmart’s Banfield for treatment.  The family had
purchased a wellness plan from Banfield.  Unfortunately, wellness plans only cover routine care not emergencies 🙁    The family had already had a very bad year — death, illness, medical bills, and job loss to name a few setbacks.  They did not want to loose Katsu too.  Fortunately, they found a Broken Tails veterinarian who did lab work, IV fluids, x-ray, pain meds and discovered Katsu had a urinary obstruction and needed emergency surgery. He is doing much better now but it was close call.

Harley’s Story – 2015

This is Harley and her babies. Although she is a wonderful mom, it was a very difficult birth. She needed a C-section and would have died without help. Three of her babies did not make it.  Harley’s caregiver has been out of work as aIMG95201509039516302882495HDR result of an injury. Harley is now spayed and in the process of caring for her three babies. They are in a Humane Association of the Lowcountry (HAL) foster home. Once the kittens are weaned and spayed (all girls), they will be up for adoption via HAL. Harley will go back home. Harley’s primary caregiver said, “I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude! Thank you so much! This is such a huge blessing to us. You are amazing. I’d love to give back to Broken Tails in some way.”

Fiona’s Story – 2015

fiona 2015Fiona’s caretaker has been in the Animal Rescue Community in Beaufort County for the past 25 years.  She has few monetary resources but a big heart.  The animals in her care are ones that she has rescued and that she is/was unable to adopt out . . so she offers life-time sanctuary at her home — at her expense.  “Fiona” is one such cat that she adopted out 4 years ago. Unfortunately, it was not a good match.  Fiona came back after being abandoned by her adopter.  She was very sick.  This beautiful cat was dying from severe anemia and needed, among other things, a blood transfusion.  Her caretaker says, “ Fiona is happy and healthy thanks to the wonderful vets at Port Royal Veterinary Hospital and the generosity of Broken Tails.”

Lady’s Story – 2015

lady caldwell 2015A twelve year old pit bull, named Lady, was in very bad shape.  She was borderline septic.  She required IV fluids and multiple IV antibiotic injections. Her prognosis was guarded. She had a mammary tumor and abscess. Her caretaker was a barely employed painter.  Broken Tails agreed to help the man and his beloved Lady.  Unfortunately, she did not survive. The infection was too advanced.  She will be missed.

Pooh’s Story – 2015

IMG_3211As one of the conditions of the Madea’s Broken Tails grant, we asked that her companion and best friend – Pooh – get spayed. We firmly believe in spay/neuter. Pets live longer healthier lives   because spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer.  The Beaufort County Animal Shelter has a low-cost spay/neuter program. We guided Pooh’s mom there.  Evidently, because of Pooh’s age, they required pre-anesthetic lab work.  This was an unexpected and pricy expense.  We like to support people who do the right thing.  As a result, Broken Tails offered to pay for half of the lab work.  Pooh’s Mom said, “Thank you very much!  Pooh is doing great.  We are all doing well and fully recovered!”

Madea’s Story – 2015

Madea was suffering from pyometra and in sepsis. Her family qualified for Care Credit, but that paid less than half the bill. Broken Tails stepped in to help.madea richmond2015Madea’s mom says,” I am very grateful that Broken Tails was kind enough to help my beautiful girl – Madea! She was so sick.  She would not have survived, thankfully because of Broken Tails assistance Madea and I will have many happy years together! Madea’a best friend, Pooh, is grateful too.”

Boots’ Story – 2015

Boots grayIt appeared that ten year old Boots had been in a fight with another animal.  His eye was in bad shape and had to be removed. His caretaker was a food and beverage server.  She was supporting her adult daughter and granddaughter as well as her other daughter.  Her salary left no room for unexpected veterinary bills.  Broken Tails agreed to provide a grant to help Boots.  Her caretaker said, “Thank you very much for staying in touch with me.  Boots is pretty much back to his old self now and has adjusted well. At times, I even forget that he even lost his eye!  He’s just as loving, if not more so, than he was before.  Thanks also for the grant-it is a HUGE help at a time when I really needed it!”

Nugget’s Story – 2015

nugget2015Sometimes a tiny kitten needs a lot of luck and many caring people. When a good samaritan saw a kitten tossed out of a car, she had to stop. Not having the money for emergency care, she took the kitten to the Humane Association of the Lowcountry(HAL), a wonderful rescue organization with resources for adoption programs but none for emergency care. Nugget had a broken jaw and smashed face.  They turned to Broken Tails for help.   Nugget not only survived but is thriving in new forever home in Habersham.

Alcatraz’s Story – 2015

Alcatraz, 6 year old greek tortoise, had not pooped for 2 weeks.  He was very weak and possibly in organ failure.  He needed an X-ray, fluids, antibiotics and possibly tube feeding.
His caretaker is a disabled US veteran who trains service dogs for other veterans with PTSD and Mobility issues.  Her funds were low because she started her own company and recently had unexpected surgery with complications.  Despite best efforts, Alcatraz was not strong enough and passed away.  Broken Tails as well as another non-profit agreed to split the remaining veterinary bill. Rest in peace, Alcatraz…

Tucker’s Story – 2015

tucker brown -BTTucker was hit by a car. His leg was fractured. He needed IV catheter for stabilization and pain meds as well as orthopedic surgery.  This was expensive and unexpected expense for an unemployed young lady.   She was determined to help her friend.  What is different about this story is that Tucker’s caretaker immediately started a GoFundMe page.   She was able to raise over a $1000 dollars to offset some of Tucker’s Vet bills.  The money came from family, friends and strangers.  However, it was not enough money to pay all of Tucker’s veterinary bills.  Broken Tails provided some moral support as well as a grant to help offset some of Tucker’s bills. His caretaker said, “Thank you so much for checking up on him. He is doing a lot better.  Broken Tails was a blessing.  When I heard about the grant, I cried.  I have had the worst luck this year and when I found out what you guys were doing I thanked god for Tucker, Port Royal and Broken Tails.  Thank you so much again for checking on Tucker.”

Buddy’s Story – 2014

IMG_1665Seeing your best friend in pain is always difficult, but when you are on disability and you know you can’t pay for emergency care, the pain is shared.  The Humane Association of the Lowcountry had been helping with Buddy’s medication, but he was in crisis.  Buddy suffered from major kidney and urological illnesses and PRVH staff knew his human was particularly reliant on Buddy’s love.  They and Broken Tails stepped in to provide complete care for Buddy during emergency surgery.“I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. I have to admit these last few days without my boy showed me just how much I depend on him for so many things. Hope to have him home soon.  I know God will bless you and your group with all his love.“

Bailey’s Story – 2014

photo 2Bailey, what did you get into? Pancreatitis and garbage gut make for a very sick dog. Tough finding the money when you’re a student and need every penny. Broken Tails decided to help. You look a little under the weather in the photo, but you’re at home and healthy now.

Dobby’s Story – 2014

IFOK, it turned out Dobby had severe constipation, but the poor little kitten was in horrible pain and his human was very worried. Actually, it could be life threatening in a kitten. After borrowing money, his human needed additional help and Broken Tails stepped in. We can see from his photo, just how much pain little Dobby was in.

Sammi’s Story – 2014

Sammi’s human had nowhere else to turn.  Sammi’s accident had left him paralyzed and in pain.  His mom has two human children who had recently been hospitalized.  Newly out of work, she needed help just to find out what was wrong with Sammi. Port Royal Veterinary Hospital needed to take x-rays to find the location of the injury to determine the best course of action.  Regrettably, Sammi had suffered a broken neck.Sammi continued to wag his tail; everyone in the clinic could hear the thump-thump hitting the exam table until he got weaker.  Then the tail wagged quieter and slower until the doctor put him gently to sleep.Somehow, Sammi’s mom managed to pay some of the cost, but she needed help, and we were happy to provide assistance.

“I can’t thank you enough, I am crying because I really appreciate the help I am about to receive.  God Bless …this is a gift from the heart.”

Tyler’s Story – 2014

tylerguidryTyler had a triple whammy–hepatitis, diabetes, and chronic pancreatitis.  Tyler’s illnesses are ongoing, but his people needed some help getting him through a crisis, and Broken Tails was happy to help.  His family LOVES Tyler very much and is doing all they can to make his senior years as comfortable as possible.

Minnie’s Story – 2014

IFMinnie’s mom brought her to the veterinarian because she wasn’t eating.  The reason:  mouth ulcers so bad that eating was simply too painful.  Minnie was slowly starving to death.  PRVH got her back on the road to recovery with some monetary help from Broken Tails.

Mr Mom’s Story – 2014

IMG_20140127_140827Mom came into PRVH with a severely mangled foot, possibly from a car fan belt. It could not be saved and required a quick amputation.  Mr. Mom’s mom has a limited income but limitless love for animals, especially cats.  She has provided support for many of them, and it was time for us to give back. We contacted her recently to find out how Mr. Mom was recovering. “I’m so grateful for the help Mr. Mom got from Broken Tails,” she said.  “He’s doing just great.  It took a while for him to learn how to navigate his body on three legs but he’s doing really well. Thank you so, so much.  (I’m) telling everyone I know to support Broken Tails.”

Deuce’s Story – 2014

IMG_0949Deuce came to our attention because he had an intestinal obstruction that required surgery.  Pit bull rescue groups rallied to help but could not raise quite the amount needed.  Broken Tails agreed to chip in the remainder and Deuce is back to enjoying life with his family.  His Mom told us, “Deuce is doing very well and has healed up great.  He is back to his normal self.  Our family thanks your organization from the bottom of our hearts for all the help.  We love our baby and are very grateful.”

Chance’s Story – 2014

chanceChance came to our attention for an all too common problem in male cats—urinary crystals.  In his case, they were recurrent and severe.  The veterinarian could save Chance but his condition required a special diet and potentially more medical care his human simply could not afford.  With the consent of the owner and coordination across three cat-friendly Beaufort organizations, we arranged for her to sign Chance over to the Port Royal Veterinary Hospital.  Broken Tails paid for all care required to get Chance well.  His former owner visited Tabby House to make sure the charity understood his personality.  As soon as he was healthy, Tabby House accepted him into their adoption program.  He was quickly adopted by a loving family who understands his condition and wants to give him a forever home.

Luci Mae  – 2014

Luci Mae HorneLuci Mae was brought to our attention only a couple months after Rocky passed away. She was suffering from a liver dysfunction and in need of immediate attention. We are happy to say Luci’s outcome was much more positive and she is home with her humans.  Luci misses Rocky very much.

Rocky’s Story – 2014

IMG_20131213_112244Rocky, as cute as they come, was referred to us with acute kidney failure. Because of the family situation, we agreed to provide palliative care. Rocky passed away peacefully and is fondly remembered by his pet parents and Luci Mae. They wrote the following in his honor:

“Rocky, our beloved son, we watched you go through a veil of tears, having loved you for twelve whole years.  We love you still, and feel you near, knowing you are comfortable with no pain or fear.  We know that when our time is done, we will again hold our beloved son.”

Scooter’s Story – 2013

scooter booterScooter was suffering from kidney stones, and anyone who has ever had them knows the pain he was in.  Scooter’s family needed some assistance from Broken Tails to pay for the operation essential to save his life.  His “dad” says:“Thank you so much for helping us out!! Until we found your site and Dr. Marikay, we thought that we were going to have to put Scooter down. Thanks to her and your organization, his life was saved!…You have no idea how grateful my wife and I are!! We’re definitely going to be asking folks to put you on their donation lists!”

Jasmine’s Chihuahua – 2013

Sometimes the help needed is outside the scope of our mission. We received a call from a woman who had rescued a chihuahua, tried to find its home, and finally decided to take it in. When she took the dog to the vet, she found out it had heart worms, a problem rampant in Beaufort County. She could afford routine medical care but not the required treatment. BT contacted other local resources to provide treatment since the dog would otherwise have died in pain or been turned into the shelter for treatment or euthanasia.

Cassie’s Story – 2013

IMG_0652Cassie a much-loved French Bulldog still in puppyhood came to PRVH with a broken leg.  Her mom had taken her to an emergency clinic where they had put a temporary cast on the leg to stabilize it, but the elbow was shattered.  Broken Tails helped pay for the leg to be removed and Cassie is now a happy little tripod.

Nicholas’s Story – 2013

Nicholas, your mom, Broken Tails, and Dr. MariKay did everything we could to save you, but in the end, the human who loved you best made the hardest decision we can ever make. In your memory, she has made a commitment to help other companion animals get the same loving care through helping to raise funds for Broken Tails.

Ambrose’s Story – 2013

1424292_604498869586256_638400721_nAmbrose was suffering from a sometimes deadly problem all too common among male cats.  Crystals and stones blocked his urinary tract and noninvasive treatments were no longer working.  He was in terrible pain.  Without immediate surgery, Ambrose would have to be euthanized.  His human companion had expended all her care credit on her own medical bills and needed our assistance. Today he is much improved and although his “mom” says he doesn’t much care for his new special diet, he is home and happy.  “Thanks,” she says, “for your concern and prayers.”

Oreo’s Story – 2013

photoAnother successful intervention by PRVH and Broken Tails. Little Oreo needed immediate surgery but his human could not manage the expense without our assistance. His “mom” says, “Oreo, is back to bright eyes and bushy tail! I can’t express how much Broken Tails means to me and my family, Oreo was given an opportunity to bring sunshine in our home once again with the help and prayers of many!”

Rufus’s Story – 2013

DSCI1050Rufus arrived at Port Royal Veterinary Hospital in a lot of pain.  The doctor suspected an obstruction that needed to be removed immediately.  Rufus’ Dad wanted to do the right thing but simply did not have the funds to cover an operation.  Broken Tails, along with the Buddy Group and Red Rover, stepped in to help fund the procedure.  Rufus did not have an obstruction; rather, his intestines had twisted badly.   The operation saved his life and Rufus is back to his old self.

Ernie’s Story – 2013

DSCI0605Ernie was a happy, healthy member of the household.  Like so many young dogs, this little poodle mix found the garbage can an irresistible treat. Unfortunately, that sometimes means bad things end up in a dog’s tummy.  For Ernie, the trash can was a wonder of smells, tastes, and textures, and dogs have a way of finding what you believe has been safely tucked away.  Vomiting, dehydrated, and in severe pain, Ernie was rushed to the Port Royal Veterinary Hospital.  The doctor treated him by the least invasive method, hoping any obstruction would pass and sent home to be watched.   Ernie returned the next day with a swollen, painful abdomen.
Ernie’s owner had paid all she could for the original exam and treatment.  Without x-rays and possible immediate surgery, Ernie would probably die.  She could pay some over time but could not manage all the charges.
The vet’s office suggested she apply for a Broken Tails grant to help with the bill.  Within hours the grant was approved and Ernie received necessary treatment.  Today, Ernie is thriving, happy, and back to his young self.  His owner says Broken Tails and the treatment he received as a result of the grant  “made all the difference.”