Payment Policies


revised 10/28/2015

Broken Tails:

  1. Can not assist with charges incurred prior to approval of application and receipt by veterinarian of Broken Tails Letter of Guarantee.
  2. Can not pay for treatment in advance.
  3. Can not pay a deposit.
  4. Can not reimburse the applicant for payments already made to the veterinarian.
  5. Can not pay on an invoice showing no balance due.
  6. Will contribute a maximum of $250 and no more than the invoice balance due — except on case by case basis. When a funding exception occurs, Broken Tails expects the client to volunteer an equivalent amount of community hours to a local Animal Related Non Profit
  7. Will only make payment to a veterinarian or pharmacy. Funds are never disbursed to a client.
  8. Will not hold reserved funds in a pet’s account for more than 45 days. If an invoice is not received within 45 days, the funds will be redistributed to the appropriate General Fund.