revised 9/24/2018

How much are your grants? Are grants available to people and pets who live outside of South Carolina? 

Broken Tails grants are typically between $100 and $250. Grants are intended to fill a small funding gap to allow treatment to occur. We are a small charity with limited resources so currently, grants are only available for people who live North of the Broad River in Beaufort County and/or Jasper County, South Carolina.

Do you help with existing veterinary bills?

No, the program cannot help with treatment that has already been completed. Broken Tails grants are intended to help animals that have not yet received treatment. Click here for information on our payment policies.

My cat/dog/kitten/puppy needs a rabies shot and other annual shots?

Lowcountry pet vaccine clinic has affordable pricing for dog and cat vaccines.  They do the vaccines on Saturdays and at various locations. See their web site for dates/times/locations as well as pricing. This is not a life threatening emergency. It does not qualify for a Broken Tails grant.

My cat/dog is very ill/hurt and I cannot afford to help.  Can I get a Broken Tails grant to euthanize him/her?

We have limited funds and our goal is to save lives.  If during the diagnostic phase, you and your Veterinarian discover that kindest thing to do is to euthanize your pet.   You are still eligible to receive a Broken Tails grant to offset some of your expenses.

Please do not let your companion animal suffer.  Do what is in their best interests as quickly as possible.

What types of animals do you help?

The program offers assistance to cats and dogs and on an exception basis a variety of other companion animals including, but not limited to, birds, rabbits, turtles, and guinea pigs.

How long does it take to get a response to my application?

Your Broken Tails Veterinarian can expect to receive a response via e-mail or phone within one to two business days or less of submitting your application. Often, we respond within the same business day the application and supporting documentation were submitted. If your veterinarian does not hear from us, please have them contact us to check the status of your application.

I don’t have Internet access. Can I apply by phone, mail or fax?

The Broken Tails Grant Application is only available online and we only accept requests for grants through our online application. If you do not have Internet access, you can:

  • Port Royal Veterinary Hospital has a iPad that you can use to fill out the Grant application during your emergency visit
  • ask a family member, friend or neighbor with a computer and wifi access for help
  • ask your veterinary clinic to submit on your behalf
  • go to a library with free Internet access

Can I apply if treatment is already underway?

Yes, we can consider any emergency treatment done on the day the Grant application is submitted as long as we have spoken to the approved Broken Tails Veterinarian or their representative in advance and given conditional approval. Please do not delay treatment because you are waiting for our response.

What if my animal’s treatment can’t wait one or two days and the clinic wants money up front?

We will be working directly with your Broken Tails Veterinarian. Broken Tails is a small charity with limited resources.  We do not have the money to pay for your entire veterinary bill. If you qualify for a grant, we expect that you will pay for a portion of your pet’s medical bill through a payment plan via CareCredit.com or by raising money or reducing costs:

  • Discuss with your veterinarian the minimum treatment needed to save your animal’s life.
  • Ask other area clinics how much they normally charge for a similar treatment. Costs can vary widely from clinic to clinic. Visit the Humane Association of the Lowcountry for a directory of local vets and list of other local and breed-specific rescue groups.
  • Ask your Veterinarian if they will help with a payment plan.
  • Apply for a Red Rover Relief grant or Mosby Foundation grant.
  • Ask for loans from your family and friends via Facebook or GoFundMe.
  • See the RedRover charity web site for more fund raising ideas.

You require spay/neuter. Do you help with financial assistance for spay/neuter?

No, we are not a spay/neuter assistance program. The following organizations may be able to assist you with low-cost or free spay/neuter:

Are there other assistance programs besides the Broken Tails grant program?

Yes, a national organization called Red Rover has compiled a comprehensive directory of organizations in the United States and Canada that provide financial assistance with veterinary care. We encourage you to apply with other organizations and to make use of their list of tips and fundraising ideas.

How many grants does Broken Tails award per year?

Broken Tails is a small charity. It started in September 2012. Between then and 10/2015, we awarded 33 grants or about 10 a year.  The size and quantity of our grants depend on the size and number of our annual donations.

In your eligibility requirements it says dogs that are used for “sport” are not eligible to receive a Broken Tails grant. Can you elaborate what you mean by sport?  

Sure.  Dogs who are used for fighting, and racing or hunting dogs that are used for chasing down, treeing, or otherwise terrorizing another animal.  In other words, anything that is used to exploit other animals or endanger them are not eligible for a grant. We strongly encourage fun activities with your dog such as obedience, agility, conformation, water sports, frisbee, dance, rally, hunting trials (without live game).